There are more than 400 social media monitoring tools, measuring and reporting different things. Due to technological progress their features and services change permanently. Still, managers in charge have to decide which tool to implement (and pay for).

It was high time to present an model, which allows to shortlist tools within short time and without the need of special technical know how. Therefore, the author developed the first evaluation framework for social media monitoring tools.

The evaluation framework allows …

  1. application by non-software-engineering experts
  2. quick assessing
  3. focussing on relevant requirements
  4. short-listing of tools
  5. evaluating one or comparing many tools
  6. carving out differences

The framework assesses the most relevant categories which are:

  1. Sources
  2. Content-Types
  3. History
  4. Freshness
  5. Buzz / Issue Monitoring
  6. Sentiment Detection
  7. Languages
  8. Influence Analysis
  9. Trend Analysis
  10. Data-Management
  11. Account
  12. Dashboard
  13. Alert
  14. Reports
  15. Data-Interfaces
  16. Price

For each category there are 5 grades defined, giving back minimum requirements and thinkable maximum for each category. If you are interested to apply the framework to a selection of tools or if you want us to do it, please contact